§ 109.20.



The term “life and property conservation decals” as used in this Article shall include, but not be limited to, any and all decals, signs, stickers and other devices designed to be displayed as notice to the public generally or specifically to police, fire, public health and other emergency services by persons occupying residential rental or leased property.


The word “landlord” shall mean the person(s) owning, in whole or in part, residential property within the City and County which is held out for rental or lease, and it shall include any and all agents, brokers, managers, employees and other representatives of such person(s).


The word “person” shall include, but not be limited to, a natural person, partnership, firm or corporation or any other kind of business or legal entity.


The word “tenant” shall include any and all persons lawfully occupying residential property pursuant to a lease or other rental agreement, whether written or oral.


(Added by Ord. 464-83, App. 9/16/83)


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