§ 717.


Any newsrack installed, used or maintained in violation of the provisions of this Article shall be removed to a place of storage by the Chief of Police or any officer or employee designated by him. Within 24 hours after the seizure of the newsrack, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excluded, the Chief of Police shall notify the owner by certified mail of the removal of the newsrack at the address affixed thereto; if no address or telephone number is affixed to the newsrack, the Chief of Police shall make such notification as is reasonably indicated by the contents of the newsrack. Upon failure of the owner to claim such newsrack and pay the expenses of removal and storage within 30 days after such removal, said newsrack shall be disposed of pursuant to the provisions of Section 1400 of Part II, Chapter VIII of the San Francisco Municipal Code (Police Code).


(Added by Ord. 66-75, App. 3/7/75)


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