§ 974.21.



In addition to the remedies and enforcement mechanisms provided for by provisions of state and local law including Chapter 9, Article 3 (commencing with Section 21600) of the California Business and Professions Code, the City Attorney may enforce the provisions of this Article through a civil action in any court of competent jurisdiction.


The City Attorney may apply to any court of competent jurisdiction for an order seeking injunctive relief to abate any nuisance caused by a failure to comply with this Article.


In any civil court action brought by the City Attorney to enforce this Article in which the City succeeds in obtaining any order from the Court, the City shall be entitled to recover from any and all applicable Persons all of its costs of investigation, enforcement, abatement, and litigation.


The Prevailing Party in any court action to abate a violation pursuant to this Article shall be entitled to reasonable attorneys’ fees.


Nothing in this Article shall be interpreted as restricting or otherwise limiting the enforcement authority conferred upon other City employees, City agencies, or state agencies by other provisions of the Municipal Code or state law.


(Added by Ord. 136-75, App. 4/14/75; amended by Ord. 69-05, File No. 050178, App. 4/15/2005; Ord. 2-13 , File No. 120434, App. 1/24/2013, Eff. 2/23/2013)


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