§ 974.4.


The application for a junk dealer permit shall set forth the following information:


The proposed place of business and facilities therefor, including whether or not the applicant will engage in welding, use of a propane tank, or cutting torches operated by compressed gasses;


The business name and address of the applicant;


The name, residence address, and business contact information of an individual the applicant has authorized to serve as the point of contact for the application and any junk dealer permit the Chief of Police issues;


If the applicant is a corporation, partnership or other entity, the names and residence addresses of every officer and partner of the applicant, and every person with 10 percent or larger ownership interest in the applicant;


The name, residence address, and business contact information of each proposed authorized agent of the applicant, if any;


For all individuals listed in subsections (b), (c), (d), and (e) above, a list of each conviction of or plea of guilty or no contest to a Covered Crime in the ten years preceding the application, including the nature of the offense and the place and date of the conviction or plea;


A copy of a current and valid business registration certificate that the Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector has issued to the applicant under Business and Tax Regulations Code Section 853. The name on the business registration certificate must match the name of the applicant on the application for the junk dealer permit;


If the applicant does not own the proposed place of business or facilities to be used in the junk dealer operations, the name, business address, and contact information of the owner, and documentation demonstrating the nature of the applicant’s interest in the proposed place of business or facilities; and


Such other information as the Chief of Police deems necessary to investigate the applicant and the applicant’s proposed place of business and business operation.


(Added by Ord. 136-75, App. 4/14/75; amended by Ord. 69-05, File No. 050178, App. 4/15/2005; Ord. 2-13 , File No. 120434, App. 1/24/2013, Eff. 2/23/2013)


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