This is Sec. 939. of the San Francisco Police Code, titled “ISSUANCE OF PRESS CARDS..” It is part of Article 13, titled “MISCELLANEOUS REGULATIONS FOR PROFESSIONS AND TRADES.” It contains 4 laws.

The Chief of Police is hereby authorized to issue press cards to newsgatherers, reporters and photographers in the actual and bona fide employment of a newspaper or periodical, for the purpose of securing their admittance within all police lines in the City and County of San Francisco.

The Chief of Police shall establish procedures for the application, issuance, expiration, reissuance, and revocation of press cards. Such procedures shall include, at a minimum, the requirement that applications be in writing, that press cards must include a clear photo of the person to whom it is issued, and that press cards be carried by the person to whom it is issued in order to exercise the newsgathering privileges described in Sections 939-939.5.

All press cards issued under this Section shall have a term of one year. Expiration and re-issuance of press cards shall be governed by procedures to be established by the Chief of Police.

A record of the issuance of such press cards shall be kept in the office of the Chief of Police, with the date of issuance, the photograph, name and contact information of the person to whom issued, and the unique number of the card. The Chief of Police may at any time revoke the privilege attached to any or all such cards. Unless revoked, the privilege attached to such cards shall automatically terminate on the date of expiration, such expiration date to be determined as hereinabove indicated.

Such cards shall not be transferable and it shall be unlawful for any person to use or have in his or her possession any such card unless the same was issued to that person by the Chief of Police; or to use any such card after the privilege attached thereto has terminated or been revoked. It shall likewise be unlawful for any person to use any such card while such person is not in the actual and bona fide employment of a newspaper or periodical as a newsgatherer, reporter, or photographer while gathering information or images for use in the news.


(Added by Ord. 287-08, File No. 081340, App. 12/5/2008; amended by Ord. 217-12 , File No. 111239, App. 10/23/2012, Eff. 11/22/2012)

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