§ 1070.15.


Whenever, upon due notice and hearing, it shall be determined that noise from any establishment licensed under this Article interfered with the right of persons dwelling in the vicinity of such establishment to the peaceful and quiet use and enjoyment of their property, the Entertainment Commission may require that the premises be soundproofed in a manner that in the judgment of the Entertainment Commission will be effective to eliminate the noise or reduce it to a reasonable level. In taking any action under this Section, the Entertainment Commission must balance all of the interests of the respective parties, as well as the hardship which will result from any order, if the Entertainment Commission finds that the noise complained of is of a minimum or unconsequential degree, no action shall be taken under this Article. If a licensee fails, within a reasonable time and in no event more than 60 days after having been ordered to do so pursuant to this Article, to take such steps as were ordered to abate any noise, his license shall be suspended after a second hearing, due notice of which is given, until such time as he complies with the order.


(Added by Ord. 252-70, App. 7/23/70; amended by Ord. 164-02, File No. 020783, App. 7/26/2002)


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