§ 1070.17.



Permits issued under this Article may be suspended by the Entertainment Commission and the Director as follows:


The Entertainment Commission may suspend a permit issued under this Article as provided in Section 1070.17.1.


The Director may issue an order of limited suspension as provided in Section 1070.17.2, which order the Permittee may appeal to the Entertainment Commission.


The Director may issue an order of suspension for public safety as provided in Section 1070.17.3, which order is not appealable to the Entertainment Commission.


The Entertainment Commission and the Director have independent authority to suspend permits; the action of one does not limit action by the other.


Every Permittee shall request emergency medical services when any person who has been injured on the premises of the Business needs emergency medical services. The failure to request such services, when such a request would have been reasonable under the circumstances, shall be grounds for suspension of the permit. The Entertainment Commission and Director may allow any circumstances involving the operation of the Business that relate to the injury as evidence supporting suspension of a permit, but may not allow the request itself as evidence to support suspension.


When considering whether to suspend a permit under this Article, the Commission and the Director shall consider any previous denial of a permit application or previous suspension or revocation of a permit, under this Article or Article 15.1, for the same permit applicant or Permittee when the circumstances warranting the previous action are relevant to the current determination.


(Added by Ord. 252-70, App. 7/23/70; amended by Ord. 325-91, App. 9/4/91; Ord. 76-98, App. 3/6/98; Ord. 81-00, File No. 000390, App. 5/5/2000; Ord. 164-02, File No. 020783, App. 7/26/2002; Ord. 238-09, File No. 080324, App. 11/20/2009)


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