§ 1070.19.



The Entertainment Commission may grant an exception to an Extended-Hours Premises as defined herein from the provisions of Sections 1070.11, 1070.13, and 1070.16 relating to lighting of the premises, booths, and minors on the premises if the Entertainment Commission shall find that the Extended-Hours Premises is used exclusively for any of the following purposes:


A Bona Fide Public Eating Place as defined herein to which the Department of Public Health has issued a public eating place permit.


A Place of Entertainment with no liquor license.


An Extended-Hours Premises operated by any public agency; by any educational, recreational, or social agency; or by any Bona Fide Nonprofit Club or Organization.


Any determination as to the exception status of any applicant pursuant to this Section shall be made by the Entertainment Commission.


A decision by the Entertainment Commission denying the exception from the regulations shall be final except that an appeal therefrom may be taken within ten days to the Board of Appeals.


(Added by Ord. 252-70, App. 7/23/70; amended by Ord. 76-98, App. 3/6/98; Ord. 164-02, File No. 020783, App. 7/26/2002; Ord. 47-04, File No. 032029, App. 4/1/2004; Ord. 238-09, File No. 080324, App. 11/20/2009)


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