§ 1073.1.


For the purpose of this Article, the following words and phrases shall mean and include:


Theater. A building, playhouse, room, hall or other place having a permanent stage upon which movable scenery is or may be placed and upon which theatrical or vaudeville or similar performances are given, with permanently affixed seats so arranged in proximity to such stage that a body of spectators may have an unobstructed view of said stage, the primary function of which is to serve as the locale of such performances.


Public Photography Studio. An establishment to which patrons or members are invited or allowed to photograph or purportedly photograph or graphically reproduce in any manner persons or models.


Entertainment. Any act, play, review, pantomime, scene, dance act, song, song and dance act, poetry recitation, reading, style show or modeling for photographing or graphic reproduction by any means whatsoever within a public photography studio as defined herein.


Person. An individual, firm, partnership, joint adventure, association, social club, fraternal organization, joint stock company, corporation, estate, trust, business trust, receiver, trustee, syndicate, or any other group or combination acting as a unit, excepting the United States of America, the State of California, and any political subdivision of either thereof.


Operator. Any person operating a Public Photography Studio, including but not limited to the owner or proprietor of the premises upon which it is located, and the lessee, sublessee, or mortgagee in possession.


Bona Fide Nonprofit Clubs or Organizations. Any fraternal, charitable, religious or benevolent, or any other nonprofit organization having a regular membership association primarily for mutual social, mental, political and civic welfare, to which admission is limited to members and guests and revenue accruing therefrom to be used exclusively for the benevolent purposes of said organization and which organization or agency is exempt from taxation under the Internal Revenue Laws of the United States as a bona fide fraternal, charitable, religious, benevolent or nonprofit organization.


Entertainer. An entertainer is any person who performs any act enumerated in Section 1073.1(c) of this Article for any compensation whatsoever.


Employee. Any and all persons who render any service whatsoever to the patrons or customers of a Public Photography Studio and who receive compensation for such service.


(Added by Ord. 428-74, App. 9/5/74)


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