§ 1074.13.


Whenever any application is filed for a permit under this Article and said application has been denied by the Chief of Police, or a permit issued under this Article has been revoked, and no appeal has been taken to the Board of Permit Appeals or when any appeal from such denial or revocation has been taken to the Board of Permit Appeals and said Board has concurred in the judgment or order of denial or revocation, said application for said permit, or for a like permit for the same location or by the same applicant shall not be heard by the Chief of Police until the expiration of one year from the date of the previous denial or revocation of said permit or application and there shall be no appeal to said Board of Permit Appeals for failure or refusal to hear any such application or appeal within said one year period. For the purposes of this Section, “same applicant” shall mean a corporation having substantially the same shareholders as a prior corporate applicant, or a partnership having substantially the same membership as a prior partnership applicant; furthermore, “same applicant” shall mean any officer, director, shareholder or partner of a prior corporate or partnership applicant; provided, that when any permit is denied by reason of definite existing conditions which prevent the granting of said permit, and said conditions are removed or remedied, the one year’s prohibition against reapplication will not apply.


(Added by Ord. 323-81, App. 6/19/81; amended by Ord. 217-87, App. 6/19/87)


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