§ 1074.21.


Every person who engages in, conducts, or carries on the operation of an escort service shall keep a daily register, approved as to form by the Police Department, containing the following information:


The identification of all employees employed by such establishment together with a duplicate of each of said employees’ employee permit;


The hours of employment of each employee for each day; and


The names of all patrons, including true full names, residential addresses, including street, city and state, hours of employment of escort service, name of escort or employee providing escort services, location and place where escort services took place, and fee charged.

Said daily register shall at all times during business hours be subject to inspection by the Police Department only for the limited purpose of determining that said daily registers are being maintained in compliance with the provisions of this Section and shall be kept on file for one year on the premises. Any evidence so obtained shall not be admissible for any purpose other than proof of compliance or noncompliance with this Section. The Police Department and the Health Department are authorized to inspect said daily registers for other purposes or to obtain information therefrom only if they have first obtain a warrant.


(Added by Ord. 323-81, App. 6/19/81; amended by Ord. 217-87, App. 6/19/87)


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