§ 1020.



It shall be unlawful for any owner, lessee or operator of a rodeo exhibition or show to conduct the same without first having obtained a permit therefor from the Entertainment Commission. Each permit shall be effective only for those days indicated on the permit.


Applications for rodeo permits shall be filed with the Entertainment Commission on a form provided for said permit together with a nonrefundable fee.


Every owner, lessee or operator of a rodeo exhibition or show shall pay a license fee for the first day and an additional fee for each subsequent day any rodeo exhibition or performance is given. The Tax Collector shall not issue a license under the provisions of this Section unless the owner, lessee or operator of said rodeo exhibition or show shall obtain a permit to conduct the same from the Entertainment Commission and present such permit duly.


A qualified, licensed veterinarian who is an expert in the care of horses, bovines, sheep, and other large animals, and approved by the Commission on Animal Control and Welfare, shall be on-site at all times during a rodeo exhibition or show to examine the animals’ condition and to ensure that the animals are humanely treated during the event at the permit holder’s expense. The veterinarian may have any animal examined at any time without notice. Any animal which suffers from a fatal injury as determined by the veterinarian shall be immediately euthanized. The Chief of Police or the Chief’s designee may suspend the use of any animal after receiving a complaint from the veterinarian regarding the condition or treatment of any animal. A statement of findings must be provided from the veterinarian and approved by the Chief of Police or the Chief’s designee prior to the animal returning to service. All costs associated with medical tests, evaluations and treatments are the responsibility of the permit holder.


All animals are to be used in humane rodeo events only. Events such as greased pig contests, or which utilize cattle prods, unfleeced flank straps for cattle or flank straps without sheepskin lining for horses are prohibited. The Rules of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association shall apply to all rodeo events.


Notification shall be provided to the Commission on Animal Control and Welfare and the Department of Animal Care and Control by the permit applicant when any rodeo permit application is filed with the Entertainment Commission, and when any permit is approved by the Entertainment Commission.


Any person who violates any provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty a misdemeanor and upon conviction such person shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $1,000 or by imprisonment in the County Jail for a period not to exceed six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment.


(Added by Ord. 555-81, App. 11/12/81; amended by Ord. 37-00, File No. 991878, App. 3/10/2000; Ord. 164-02, File No. 020783, App. 7/26/2002)


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