§ 1022.


Unless the context specifically indicates otherwise, the following terms, as used in this Chapter, shall mean or include:


“Dance.” Any gathering of persons in or upon any premises, other than a private home or residence or a class in which instruction in dancing is given for hire, where dancing is participated in. Dances, as defined herein, shall be classified in types as follows: “General” shall include any dance to which persons 18 years of age or older are admitted. “Special” shall include any dance to which no persons 15 years of age or younger or 21 years of age or older are admitted as participants.


“Dance Hall.” Any building or place in which a dance is held.


“Person.” Includes any person, co-partnership, firm, corporation, association, club, or any legal entity.


“Security Plan.” A plan that (i) provides at least 1 security guard for 100 persons in attendance at the dance, (ii) secures a 50 foot perimeter in all directions around the location of the dance hall to prevent injury to persons and/or damage to property, and (iii) provides for the orderly disbursement of persons and traffic from the dance hall. The Entertainment Commission, in consultation with the San Francisco Police Department, shall develop rules and regulations implementing this section.


(Added by Ord. 139-67, App. 6/5/67; amended by Ord. 262-04, File No. 041148, App. 11/4/2004)


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