§ 1036.31-1.


Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 1036.31, it shall be unlawful for any owner or operator of an arcade to cause, permit or allow same to be located, operated or maintained to be operated, and the Entertainment Commission may not issue a permit for said arcade, within a building which has a public entrance which is located within 1500 feet of the nearest public entrance to or exit from any arcade which has a valid permit. Said 1500 feet shall be measured from said entrance or exit in the most direct route which may be walked, legally or not, on, along or across the street, streets or public rights-of-way adjacent to said arcade.


(Added by Ord. 401-82, App. 8/13/82; amended by Ord. 164-02, File No. 020783, App. 7/26/2002)


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