§ 1036.34.


Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 1036.31 and 1036.31-1, any person who possesses a valid permit heretofore issued by the Chief of Police for the ownership, operation and maintenance of mechanical amusement devices in accordance with the provisions of Sections 1036 to 1036.29, inclusive, may operate those mechanical amusement devices included in said permit upon the premises for which said permit to operate was issued until the expiration, revocation or suspension of said permit without obtaining a new permit; provided, however, that the permit holder comply with the requirements of Sections 1036 to 1036.33, excluding Sections 1036.31 and 1036.31-1, from the effective date of this Section; provided further that said permit may not be transferred. The operating standards set forth in Section 1036.33 of this Article shall apply to the operation and maintenance of all premises containing mechanical amusement devices in those areas zoned exclusively for neighborhood-commercial or community business use, regardless of the number of mechanical amusement devices on the premises.


(Added by Ord. 401-82, App. 8/13/82)


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