§ 1036.


As used in this Article, the following words shall have the following respective meanings:

Accessory use” shall mean the operation of one to 10 mechanical amusement devices on premises wherein another business operates.

“Arcade” shall mean any premises where 11 or more mechanical amusement devices are operated.

“Mechanical amusement device” shall mean any machine or device which, upon the insertion of a coin, slug or token in any slot or receptacle attached to said machine or connected therewith, operates or which may be operated for use as a game, contest or amusement or which may be used for any such game, contest or amusement and which does not contain a pay-off device for the return of slugs, money, coins, checks, tokens or merchandise.

“Owner or operator of a mechanical amusement device” shall mean:


Any owner of such mechanical amusement device who operates or permits the same to be played or operated in his place of business or in any place under his control or who installs or maintains the same in any place where the same can be played or operated by persons in or about said place;


The persons in whose place of business any such mechanical amusement device is placed for the use, amusement, patronage or recreation of the public or of persons in or about said place.

“Person” shall mean any corporation, association, syndicate, joint stock company, partnership, club, Massachusetts business or common law trust, society or individual.

“Public retail floor space” shall mean that portion of the premises to which the public is allowed access.

“Street” shall mean any street, alley, way, boulevard, or road, either public or private, that is used or to be used for ingress or egress.

“Video game machine” shall mean any mechanical amusement device, as defined in this Section, which is characterized by the use of cathode ray tube display.


(Amended by Ord. 401-82, App. 8/13/82)


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