§ 1052.


Applications for said permit shall be made in writing to the Entertainment Commission and shall be made in such form and shall contain such information as the Entertainment Commission shall require, including proof of liability insurance in an amount of $1 million, naming the City and County of San Francisco and its officers and employees as an additional insured, and an agreement to hold the City and County of San Francisco harmless from any liability arising out of the vending and use of recreational equipment. In granting or denying a permit, the Entertainment Commission shall give particular consideration to the peace, order, health, safety and welfare of the public and on the business reputation of the vendor; provided, that each application be made for a single city street and block and that at no time will a permit be issued to more than one recreational equipment vendor for the same street and block. No more than one permit shall be issued to any person, firm, corporation, partnership, club, association, or group of any kind.

Upon application for a recreational equipment vendor permit, the Entertainment Commission shall set a time, date and place for a public hearing thereon and shall cause a notice thereof to be conspicuously posted on all available utility and light poles on the street and block for which the permit is requested not less than 20 days before the date set for public hearing. The notice shall set forth the name of the applicant, the purpose for which the application is made, and the time, date, and place of public hearing on the application.

Each applicant for a permit shall pay to the Entertainment Commission a nonrefundable application fee payable in advance.


(Amended by Ord. 555-81, App. 11/12/81; Ord. 164-02, File No. 020783, App. 7/26/2002)


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