§ 1054.



Hours. Recreational equipment can only be rented, sold, leased, loaned or otherwise made available to the public between sunrise and sunset of any given day. The trucks, carts or otherwise movable vehicles used by recreational equipment vendors may be parked or positioned for one-half hour before sunrise until one-half hour after sunset.


Location. A recreational equipment vendor conducting business from a vehicle may not move the vehicle once the vendor has made the first business transaction of the day except in the case of an emergency or when ordered to do so by an on-duty police officer or firefighter. However, if the vendor’s vehicle is parked in a restricted parking area, it is subject to all applicable parking restrictions, except that it is exempt from the provisions of Transportation Code section 7.2.84 (Commercial Vehicle Parking in Certain Districts).


Equipment. No recreational equipment vendor shall have available for vending more than 400 items of recreational equipment or, if the item is commonly rented in pairs, (such as roller skates) 400 pairs; provided, however, that safety equipment related to the use of the recreational equipment is not included in this limit. Every recreational equipment vendor shall certify that the all recreational equipment that is rented, sold, leased loaned or otherwise made available by that vendor is in good condition and is safe for the use for which it was intended.


Attended Vehicles. The vehicle used in the conduct of a recreational equipment vendor’s business may not be left unattended on the Street at any time between sunset of one day and sunrise of the next day.


Limitation on Location. Recreational equipment cannot be rented, sold, leased, loaned or otherwise made available to the public on a public street or sidewalk in an RH-1 (D), RH-1, RH-1 (S), RH-2, RH-3, RM-1, RM-2, RM-3, RM-4, RC-1, RC-2, RC-3 or RC-4 Use District or adjacent to a park within the City and County of San Francisco.


Further Regulations and Rules. The Entertainment Commission shall have the authority to adopt further rules and regulations as needed to implement this Section.


(Amended by Ord. 352-80, App. 7/3/80; Ord. 164-02, File No. 020783, App. 7/26/2002; Ord. 287-08, File No. 081340, App. 12/5/2008)


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