§ 2402.


Pursuant to the provisions of Section 2 of Proposition “L,” the compensation of the appointive members of the Advisory Committee of Street Artists and Crafts Examiners shall be as follows:


A member shall receive $100.00 plus reasonable travel expenses for each meeting of the Advisory Committee actually attended by said member for 50 percent of each meeting of four or more hours.


A member shall receive $100.00 plus reasonable travel expenses for each visit to the studio or workshop of a certified street artist or an applicant for a Street Artist Certificate for the purpose of viewing the applicant’s facilities and verifying that the art or craft item for which the applicant seeks certification is his or her own creation or those of his or her family unit, for an assignment of monitoring or inspecting street artist wares being sold in public locations, or for the performance of such other function as shall from time to time be deemed appropriate by the Arts Commission.


In no event shall the aggregate amount paid each member exceed 35 meetings/studio visits or $3,500.00 per year excluding reimbursement for reasonable travel expenses. For the purposes of this section, the term “reasonable travel expenses” shall include travel to and from a member’s office or home.


(Amended by Ord. 418-84, App. 10/5/84; Ord. 345-90, App. 10/12/90; Ord. 451-94, App. 12/30/94; Ord. 63-02, File No. 011788, App. 5/10/2002; Ord. 260-06, File No. 061030, App. 10/13/2006; Ord. 103-08, File No. 080514, App. 6/18/2008)


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