§ 2404.1.1.


Every person applying for street artist certification, whether for the first time or for reissuance of certification after a lapse in payment of the certificate fee, shall pay a nonrefundable application/examination fee. The fee shall initially be set at $20 and shall be paid upon filing of an application for certification. The application/examination fee collected shall be equal to, but shall not exceed, the fee necessary to support the costs of processing applications and examinations under the Street Artists Ordinance. As part of the report required by Section 2404.2 of this Article, each year the Arts Commission shall report to the Controller the costs incurred in administering the application and examination process.

The funds credited to the Arts Commission pursuant to this Section, in combination with funds derived from Sections 2404.1 and 2410 of this ordinance, shall not exceed the actual cost to the Arts Commission of administering and enforcing Proposition “L” and this Article.


(Added by Ord. 383-96, App. 10/15/96)


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