§ 2600.


For the purpose of this Article, the following words and phrases shall mean or include:


“Bath House.” Any place open to the public including private clubs or organizations except as provided in Section 2600(f) wherein any person, firm, association, corporation or partnership engages in, conducts or carries on, or permits to be engaged in, conducted or carried on Russian, Turkish, Finnish, Swedish, hot air, vapor, electric cabinet, steam, mineral, sweat, salt, Japanese, sauna, fomentation, alcohol or baths of any kind whatsoever are given or furnished, provided that such term shall not include ordinary tub baths where an attendant is not required.


“Person.” Any individual, copartnership, firm, association, joint stock company, corporation, or combination of individuals of whatever form or character.


“Employee.” Shall include all persons paid by the permittee on a monthly, weekly or hourly basis and render a service directly to the client or customer; provided, however, the word “Employee” shall not include janitorial, laundry or engineering personnel.


“Director.” Director of Public Health or his authorized representative.


“Permittee.” The operator of a public bath house.


“Bona Fide Nonprofit Club or Organization.” Any fraternal, charitable, religious, benevolent or any other nonprofit organization having a regular membership association primarily for mutual social, mental, political and civic welfare, to which admission is limited to the members and guests and revenue accruing therefrom is to be used exclusively for the benevolent purposes of said organization and which organization or agency is exempt from taxation, under the Internal Revenue laws of the United States as a bona fide fraternal, charitable, religious, benevolent or nonprofit organization.

This Article shall not include hospitals, nursing homes, sanitaria, or persons holding an unrevoked certificate to practice the healing arts under the laws of the State of California, or persons working under the direction of any such persons. Nor shall this Article apply to any bona fide nonprofit club or organization as defined by this Article.


(Added by Ord. 23-73, App. 1/19/73)


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