§ 2608.


The following operating requirements are to be enforced:


Every portion of a public bath house, including appliances, apparatus, and personnel, shall be kept clean and operated in a sanitary condition.


All employees shall be clean and wear clean outer garments, whose use is restricted to the public bath house. Provision for separate dressing rooms for each sex must be available on the premises, with individual lockers for each employee. Doors to such dressing rooms shall open inward and shall be self-closing.


All public bath houses shall be provided with clean laundered sheets and towels in sufficient quantities and shall be laundered between consecutive uses thereof and stored in an approved sanitary manner. No towels or sheets shall be laundered or dried in any public bath house unless such establishment is provided with approved laundry facilities for such laundering and drying. Approved receptacles shall be provided for the storage of soiled linens and paper towels.


Wet and dry heat rooms, shower compartments, and toilet rooms shall be thoroughly cleaned each day the business is in operation. Bathtubs shall be thoroughly cleaned after each use.


(Added by Ord. 23-73, App. 1/19/73)


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