§ 2626.


Every permittee who conducts, permits or assists in conducting or permitting any public bath house as defined herein shall pay to the Tax Collector an annual license fee, payable in advance. The license fee shall be paid annually on or before March 31, in accordance with the provisions of Section 76.1 of the Business and Tax Regulations Code.* In calculating the fees earned herein, a percentage of the license fee as set by the Controller pursuant to Section 2.21 of this Code shall be credited to the Department of Public Health pursuant to the provisions of Section 6.402 of the Charter of the City and County of San Francisco.


(Amended by Ord. 555-81, App. 11/12/81; Ord. 238-11 , File No. 111101, App. 12/15/2011, Eff. 1/14/2012)


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