§ 2702.



In addition to any other right under law to rescind a contract, an Owner has the right to cancel a Contract until midnight of the fourteenth calendar day after the day on which the Owner signs a Contract.


Cancellation occurs when the Owner gives written notice of cancellation to the Mortgage Modification Consultant by mail at the address specified in the Contract, or by facsimile or email at the number or address identified in the Contract. If given by mail, notice of cancellation is effective when deposited in the mail properly addressed with the postage prepaid. If given by facsimile or email, notice of cancellation is effective when successfully transmitted. Notice of cancellation given by the Owner need not take the particular form as provided with the Contract and, however expressed, is effective if it indicates the Owner’s intent not to be bound by the Contract.


(Added by 203-09, File No. 090889, App. 8/28/2009)


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