§ 2803.


Except as otherwise provided herein, an application for a permit pursuant to the provisions of this Article shall specify:


The address of the location for which the permit is required, together with the business name of such location.


The name and proposed business address of the applicant; if the applicant is a corporation, the name of the corporation shall be set forth exactly as shown in its articles of incorporation; and the applicant shall also set forth the date and place of incorporation; the names and residence addresses of each of the officers, directors, and each stockholder owning more than 10 per cent of the stock of the corporation. If the applicant is a partnership, the application shall set forth the name and residence address of each of the partners, including limited partners. If one or more of the partners is a corporation, the provisions of this Section pertaining to a corporate applicant apply.


Whether or not the applicant has ever been convicted of any crime except misdemeanor traffic violations and if so convicted, the place and court in which the conviction was had, the specific charge under which the conviction was obtained, and the sentence imposed as the result of said conviction.


The names and addresses of the persons who have authority or control over the place for which the permit is requested, and a brief statement of the nature and extent of such authority and control.


Such information pertinent to the operation of the proposed activity, including information as to management and authority control, as the Chief of Police may require of an applicant in addition to the other requirements of this Section.


The address to which notice, when required, is to be sent or mailed, and the name and address of a person authorized to accept service of process, if not otherwise set forth herein.


Whether the application is for a new permit or for the renewal of an existing permit.


The Chief of Police shall require fingerprint identification of the permit applicant if a sole proprietor, the general partner or partners of a partnership if filing for an application, and all those having control and authority over the pawnbroking business for which the permit is to be issued.


(Added by Ord. 299-72, App. 10/19/72)


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