§ 3103.


Except as otherwise provided herein, an application for a temporary site permit pursuant to the provisions of this Article shall be made in writing and shall specify:


The name and address of the applicant whether a firm, association or corporation.


The address of the location for which the permit is required, together with the business name of such location, if any.


A copy of the applicant’s application for State Department of Aeronautics approval, or verification of telephone permission by same (to be followed by approval in writing).


A copy of a no-objection letter from the Federal Aviation Administration.


Written approval of the landing site’s landowner or duly authorized agent.


Description of the proposed operation, including the exact flight routes, times of operation, load to be lifted and duration of the job time.


Certificate of insurance in favor of City providing for public liability and property damage coverage consistent with the requirements of this State’s Public Utilities Commission for helicopter operations. Said certificate may be retained in Police Department files for future temporary heliport landing permit requests.

Upon receipt of the proper application, the Police Department shall coordinate and obtain the concurrence of all appropriate City departments. The temporary site or sites will be evaluated on the basis of recommended Federal Aviation Administration and State Department of Aeronautics criteria.

Any permit issued pursuant to this Article shall have endorsed thereon the exact flight route, time of operation, location of off-helicopter landing site and duration of the job time.


(Added by Ord. 392-73, App. 10/19/73)


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