§ 3104.


The appropriate permit for temporary operations shall be issued and a copy thereof shall be properly forwarded to the State Department of Aeronautics.

Every permit which is issued pursuant to this Article shall be conditional pending receipt by the City and County of San Francisco of evidence of approval in writing by the State Department of Aeronautics and no-objection letter from the Federal Aviation Administration and said permit shall not be deemed unconditionally approved until such evidence is received by the Police Department. In the event either or both the Department of Aeronautics and Federal Aviation Administration disapprove permittees’ applications, then said permit shall be deemed revoked by operation of law without the requirement of notice by City. This section shall not be construed as authority to operate helicopters to or from off-heliport landing sites within the City and County of San Francisco until the permit granted pursuant to this Article is unconditionally approved. The Chief of Police may further restrict the permit as necessary to protect the interests of the general public.


(Added by Ord. 392-73, App. 10/19/73)


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