§ 3405.


Every holder of a permit as herein provided shall pay to the Tax Collector an annual license fee. The license fee shall be paid annually on or before March 31, in accordance with the provisions of Section 76.1 of the Business and Tax Regulations Code.*

The licensee shall issue to each solicitor employed a badge of such wording, design and material as the Chief of Police shall authorize. Said badge shall be worn on the person by the solicitor for whom it was issued, in a conspicuous place for the public to see, at all times when said person is engaged in taking such photographs or soliciting the same. It shall be unlawful for any other person to wear or otherwise display said badge.


(Added by Ord. 555-81, App. 11/12/81; amended by Ord. 238-11 , File No. 111101, App. 12/15/2011, Eff. 1/14/2012)


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