§ 3421.


Each person, firm or corporation engaging in the business of soliciting photography as described in Section 3420 shall make written application to the Chief of Police for a permit to engage in such business and shall at the time of making such application, file with the Chief of Police, a bond in the sum of $500 which shall run to the City and County of San Francisco and to any person, firm or corporation who shall sustain injury or loss covered by the bond. Such bond shall be executed by the applicant as principal, and by a corporation which is licensed by the Insurance Commissioner of this State to transact the business of fidelity and surety insurance, as surety. The bond shall be conditioned that the principal will indemnify any and all persons, firms or corporations for any direct loss suffered by any unlawful act on the part of the principal or any agent or agents of the principal in the conduct of such business. Such bond shall remain in full force and effect until the permit of the principal is revoked or until the bond is canceled by the surety. The surety may cancel said bond and be relieved of further liability thereunder by giving 15 days written notice to the Chief of Police of the City and County of San Francisco. The aggregate liability of the surety for any and all claims which may arise under such bond shall in no event exceed the amount of the penalty of such bond regardless as to length of time it shall remain in force or the number of renewal licenses issued thereunder. Any person, firm or corporation who sustains any injury or loss covered by this bond may, in addition to any other remedy that he may have, bring an action in his own name upon the bond for the recovery of any damage sustained by him provided, however, that no such action may be brought and maintained after the expiration of one year from and after the time of the alleged unlawful act complained of may have occurred.


(Added by Ord. 555-81, App. 11/12/81)


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