§ 3707.



No alarm user shall operate or cause to be operated, an alarm system at its alarm site without a valid alarm license. A separate alarm license is required for each alarm site.


There shall be a fee, to be paid by the alarm user, for an alarm license or an alarm license renewal. There shall be separate license fees for residential and commercial premises, and the fees shall be non-refundable. The initial alarm license fee must be paid to the alarm installation company at the time the alarm system is installed or to the alarm monitoring company at the time the alarm user contracts with the company for monitoring services. If the alarm user does not use an alarm installation or monitoring company, the fee must be submitted to the Tax Collector within five (5) days after the alarm system installation or alarm system takeover.


Upon receipt of a completed alarm license application form and the alarm license fee, the Tax Collector shall assign a license number to the applicant unless the applicant has:


Failed to pay a penalty assessed under Section 3714; or


Had an alarm license for the alarm site suspended or revoked, and the violation causing the suspension or revocation has not been corrected.


Each alarm license application must include information in a form and fashion specified by the Tax Collector. The application shall be signed by the applicant under penalty of perjury.


Any false statement of a material fact made by an applicant for the purpose of obtaining an alarm license shall be sufficient cause for refusal to issue a license.


An alarm license cannot be transferred to another person or alarm site. An alarm user shall inform the Tax Collector of any change that alters any of the information listed on the alarm license application within five (5) business days of such change.


All fees owed by an applicant must be paid before an alarm license may be issued or renewed.


(Added by Ord. 154-02, File No. 021078, App. 7/12/2002; amended by Ord. 30-03, File No. 021995, App. 2/28/2003)

(Former Sec. 3707 added by Ord. 524-83, App. 11/4/83; repealed by Ord. 154-02, File No. 021078, App. 7/12/2002)


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