§ 3710.2.



An alarm monitoring company shall not service a new customer who does not have a current valid license under this Article, provided that the monitoring company may provide the customer with a license application form and shall accept from the customer the completed form and the applicable license fee on behalf of the Tax Collector, after which the company may service the alarm system.


No later than December 1 of each year, and beginning in 2005, no later than November 1 of each year, an alarm monitoring company doing business in San Francisco shall notify each of its customers of the license renewal for the following year and shall bill such customers for the license fee required under this Article. Such bill shall be due and payable in not more than 30 days. The notification may be part of the company’s regular billing or a separate notice, and shall be in a form approved by the Tax Collector. The company shall also provide the customer with a copy of the license renewal form. The alarm monitoring company shall be responsible for collecting the license renewal fee from the customer.


No later than last day of each month following the month of collection or receipt, the monitoring company shall remit to the Tax Collector as a single check all license fees collected, completed license renewal forms received or license renewal information in electronic form if authorized by the Tax Collector, and a list of customers who have not paid the fee. Remittance reports shall be in a format approved by the Tax Collector and shall include the name, license number, and alarm system location of each alarm user who has paid the fee, and any other information required by the Tax Collector.


The alarm monitoring company shall maintain its records in such a manner so as to be able to cross-reference the alarm user’s name, the alarm system’s location, and the license number assigned by the Tax Collector.


The billing and remittance provisions of this Section shall only apply to a monitoring company that has a direct contractual relationship with the alarm user. If a monitoring company has no such direct contractual relationship, and instead provides monitoring services pursuant to a subcontract with the alarm installation company or any other person or company, then the installation or other such person or company shall be responsible for meeting the billing and remittance requirements of this Section. However, the monitoring company shall continue to be responsible for complying with all other applicable provisions of this Article, including, but not limited to, the requirements of Section 3710.


(Added by Ord. 30-03, File No. 021995, App. 2/28/2003; amended by Ord. 297-04, File No. 041336, App. 12/24/2004; Ord. 175-13 , File No. 130551, App. 8/2/2013, Eff. 9/1/2013)


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