§ 3710.4.



Any fee required to be paid by an alarm user under the provisions of this Article shall be deemed a debt owed by the alarm user to the City until it has been paid to the City, except that proof of actual payment to an alarm company is sufficient to relieve the alarm user from further liability for the fee.


Any fee required to be collected by an alarm company under the provisions of this Article shall be deemed a debt owed to the City and County of San Francisco by the company required to collect and remit such fee, if the alarm company has failed to take reasonable steps to collect the fee. A company will be deemed to have taken reasonable steps if, at a minimum, it bills the alarm user, waits 30 days, timely bills the user a second time, and then informs the City of the user’s continued nonpayment.


Whenever an alarm company remits funds collected as a license or license renewal fee to the City, the alarm company shall also provide the City with the name and address of any customer refusing or failing to pay the fee for a period of one or more billing periods and shall state the amount of such fee remaining unpaid, and such other information as the Tax Collector may require. The Tax Collector may assume responsibility for collection of any fees due and payable for the stated periods and demand payment of such fees, plus administrative costs, interest, and penalties, if any.


Any person owing money to the City under the provisions of this Article shall be liable in an action brought in the name of the City and County for the recovery of such amount.


(Added by Ord. 30-03, File No. 021995, App. 2/28/2003; amended by Ord. 297-04, File No. 041336, App. 12/24/2004)


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