§ 369.


The Chief of Police shall approve an application for a parade permit unless he or she determines, from a consideration of the application, or such information as the Chief of Police may otherwise obtain, or both, that:


The Chief of Police has reasonable cause to conclude that the applicant or any person or persons participating in the parade will, in connection with that activity, cause physical injury to persons or substantial damage to property; or


The conduct of the event will substantially interrupt the safe and orderly movement of other traffic contiguous to its route; or


The conduct of the event will require the diversion of so great a number of police officers to properly police the line of movement and the areas contiguous thereto as to prevent normal police protection to the rest of the City and County of San Francisco; or


The concentration of persons, animals and vehicles at the assembly areas of the event will unduly interfere with proper fire and police protection of, or ambulance service to, areas contiguous to such assembly areas; or


The conduct of the event will interfere with the movement of fire-fighting equipment en route to a fire; or


The conduct of the event will substantially obstruct or interfere with any construction or maintenance work scheduled to take place upon or along the public streets; or


Another permit application has been received, and has been or may be approved, to sponsor a parade at the same time and place requested by the applicant, or so close in time and place that undue confusion or congestion would result, or the Police Department would bear an unreasonable burden in meeting the request for services by more than one applicant; or


The parade will not move from its point of origin to its point of termination in four hours or less, or such other reasonable time limit as set by the Chief of Police in light of all relevant circumstances; or


The applicant fails to provide the information requested on the application form or to provide Police Department staff, when requested to do so, with further information in order to enable the Chief of Police to verify the information required on the application form; or


The applicant fails to provide proof of approval from other governmental departments or agencies when such approval is legally required; or


The applicant fails or refuses to comply with any condition reasonably imposed on the granting of the permit in order to insure the safety of event participants, members of the Police Department or the public, or to insure the orderly flow of traffic, or to avoid the likelihood of harm to public or private property, which conditions may include a change in the route of the event; provided, however, that nothing in this Section shall be deemed to authorize the Chief of Police to impose conditions which unreasonably interfere with the right of free speech; or


Other circumstances exist which make it likely that the event would significantly interfere with ordinary activities in the City and County of San Francisco.


(Added by Ord. 254-84, App. 5/31/84)


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