§ 371.


The Board of Supervisors shall by motion designate an appropriate committee of the Board to act as a “Committee on Parades” for the purposes of Sections 366 to 379, inclusive, of this Article.

The applicant may appeal the denial of an application for a parade permit, or the imposition of conditions on the issuance of a permit, to the Committee on Parades, if such appeal can be timely made. The Committee shall consider such appeal and may either concur in the action of the Chief of Police or overrule such action and order that the permit be approved. If the Committee orders that a permit be approved, it shall have the authority to impose only such conditions as are recommended by the Chief of Police.


(Added by Ord. 254-84, App. 5/31/84; amended by Ord. 394-88, App. 8/26/88)


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