§ 4700.3.



Use and operation of personal watercraft in the area designated in Subsection (b) as a special use area is incompatible with competing uses and is therefore prohibited.


For purposes of this Article, the special use area shall consist of the area within 1,200 feet of the shoreline or the farthest extension of the shoreline of San Francisco, as defined by its landmarks. The San Francisco shoreline shall include, but not be limited to, all of Yerba Buena Island, all of Treasure Island, the east shore of Angel Island, all of Alcatraz Island, between Point Bonita and Yellow Bluff in Marin, and from Candlestick Park around the San Francisco Peninsula down to the extension of the County line below Harding Park.

In the event that another regulatory authority has exclusive jurisdiction over any of this shoreline area, the special use area shall begin at the boundary of the shoreline under the jurisdiction of the City and County of San Francisco and extend out 1,200 feet.


There shall be a 200-foot wide access corridor for personal watercraft along the shortest route possible from Pier 52 through the special use area. There shall be a second access corridor, not to exceed 200 feet in width, for personal watercraft along the shortest route possible from the Gas House Cove marina fueling station through the special use area. The Gas House Cove corridor is designated solely for access to the fueling facility; personal watercraft shall not be allowed to launch from or land at Gas House Cove. The access corridors shall be marked by buoys or designated by other means chosen by the Police Department, and the speed limit in the corridors shall be five miles per hour.


The restrictions imposed by this Section shall not apply to the use of personal watercraft by Fire Department, Police Department, or Coast Guard personnel in the performance of search and rescue missions or other emergency or law enforcement operations.


Signs summarizing the relevant provisions of this Article shall be erected where personal watercraft have the ability to launch. These signs shall also provide a telephone number designated to accept calls by the public reporting violations of this Article.


(Added by Ord. 285-98, App. 9/18/98)


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